Tuckable MOLLE Panel
Tuckable MOLLE Panel
Tuckable MOLLE Panel
Tuckable MOLLE Panel

Tuckable MOLLE Panel

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The newest iteration of our industry leading Tuckable Tourniquet Pouch design. A thermoplastic composite material offers a lightweight, yet strong and rigid platform that is fully MOLLE compatible.  Mounts on any MOLLE compatible armor carrier, LBV, chest rig, etc, up front on their center line.

Unique, never before seen attachment method allows the pouches to be carried in a manner that does not cause the user to utilize any additional MOLLE real estate, have to move or remove existing pouches, or compromise their kit set up in any way. 

  • MOLLE panels will fit just about any pouch that is one MOLLE column wide.
  • Perfect platform to add our Multi Mount TQ pouches. 
  • Our Multi Mount TQ Pouches will need a MALICE clip or similar attachment method to mount to panel. 
  • Panel is placed in between MOLLE platform and pouches. As pouches are woven to the MOLLE webbing, the tuckable panel is sandwiched and locked in place.  
  • Thermoplastic composite material eliminates any “flop” or “movement” of the attached pouch.
  • Legacy MOLLE pouches with extra thick straps or snaps may not fit through the laser cut MOLLE slots.
  • Made in the U.S.A.

Purchase a Tuckable MOLLE Panel and bundle with our Multi Mount TQ Pouch for a 20% discount when discount code "MOLLEPanelBundle" is used at checkout! (Bundle discount cannot be combined with other sales).

    Tourniquet Pouch Installation